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Beach Day at Velocity Island Park

January 08, 2021

 Summer group outing at Velocity Isalnd Park. Great day to swim in this warm weather!

Beautiful view of the beach.

Group photo at the beach. Pictured from left to right: Brianna, Agnes, Toby, Dr. Wan, Hansol, Yunju 

Swimming and playing with the beach ball

 Hansol and Dr. Wan relaxing in the shade


Congratulations Toby Mea for Publishing in PNAS

July 06, 2020

Congratulations Toby Mea for Publishing in PNAS. Learn more about his work, On-demand modulation of 3D-printed elastomers using programmable droplet inclusions, here. Below is more information about the field & inspiration behind the work.

Congratulations Yunju Chang for Publishing in ACS I&EC

November 06, 2019

Congratulations Yunju Chang for publishing a paper in ACS I&EC. Learn about her work, "Deformation-Based Droplet Separation in Microfluidics". Check out her work here.


Citation: Chang, Yunju, et al. "Deformation-based droplet separation in microfluidics." Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research (2019).

Picnic Day at Folsom Lake

September 16, 2019

First group outing at Folsom Lake with fun games, dogs, and lots of sun! 

Group Photo at the lake!

Polymer and Takumi meet eachother for the first time

A serious game of dutch blitz

Hansol and Toby admiring the view

Four New Lab Members

June 16, 2019

We warmly welcome four new additions to the Wan Lab. Yaojun Guo and Brianna Urbina will be joining as PhD students. Kyla Leacox and Muhimbo Karanzigi will be joining as undergraduate researchers. 

New Students join the Wan Lab!

May 09, 2019

The Wan Lab has recruited three new undergraduate students and one PhD student! Welcome Hansol Ku, Vaishali Prabhu, Muhimbo Karangizi, and Ziqiu Zhang. 

Dr. Wan received a NSF Grant

February 05, 2019

Dr. Wan received a NSF grant to study the dynamics of microbubbles and droplets in microfluidic channels

Dr. Wan received a $2.8M NIH Grant

February 01, 2019

Assistant professor Jiandi Wan from Chemical Engineering and Professor
Maiken Nedergaard from University of Rochester Medical Center shared a
multi PI RO1 grant from National Institute of Neurological Disorders and
Stroke to investigate capillary hyperemia in white matter in the brain. 

Three new students joined the Wan Lab at UC Davis

January 24, 2019

Two new PhD students, Meghann Ma and Yunju Chang, and one master's student, Yuting Zhou, have joined the Wan Lab! Congratulations. We took a group photo  at Bainer!