Research Overview

The broad objective of our research is to explore the dynamics of multi-phase flow at the micro-scale in vascular circulation, tissue engineering, and material synthesis. In particular, our lab has four main research thrusts:
  • Develop novel ex vivo microfluidic approaches and in vivo multi-photon microscopy to investigate cerebral micro-circulation and neurovascular coupling in health and disease
  • Explore stem cell biology and develop novel 3D printing and Organ-on-a-Chip approaches to recapitulate the structure and function of in vivo systems
  • Investigate microfluidic-based electrochemical systems for material synthesis and battery rejuvenation.
  • Develop novel devices and technology for biomedical and energy applications.
The ultimate goals of our research are to advance our fundamental understanding of fluid dynamics in biology, chemistry, and material synthesis and thus to provide ground-breaking technologies, devices, and advanced materials.